Queen Nail Henna | Natural (Light Orange)

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Queen Nail Henna | Natural (Light Orange)
Queen Nail Henna | Natural (Light Orange)
Queen Nail Henna | Natural (Light Orange)
Queen Nail Henna | Natural (Light Orange)
Queen Nail Henna | Natural (Light Orange)
Queen Nail Henna | Natural Nail Stain, Natural Henna | Amarya Henna

💅🏽 Natural {Light Orange} Nail Henna - Elevate your nail game with grace and style!

💧 Water Permeable and Ablution-Friendly: Maintain your prayers without compromise. Our water permeable nail stain allows water to penetrate through, ensuring ablution-friendly nails that adhere to your daily Salat.

✨ Pure and Natural: Embrace the beauty of our nail henna, free from PPD and harmful ingredients. Our natural formula is crafted without chemicals or toxic dyes, ensuring a safe and gentle coloring experience for your nails.

⏳ Durable Stain: Our nail henna stains the nails similar to traditional henna, offering a solid color for 2-4 days. The stain gradually fades naturally, allowing for reapplication and the opportunity to explore our 11 other lovely shades.

🌿 Traditional Henna and Plant Dyes: Our nail henna is made from traditional henna and plant dyes, honoring age-old traditions and providing a natural coloring alternative for your nails. Indulge in the natural beauty of our prayer-friendly nail henna.

🚫 Chemical-Free and Enamel-Free: Embrace a nail revolution without chemicals, ammonia, or enamel. Our nail henna offers a clean and non-toxic solution for vibrant, stain-like color that fades naturally over time.

💫 Simple Removal: No need for nail polish remover. Simply buff out the henna stain using a nail buffer to remove it effortlessly, making way for a new color or a fresh application.

Disclaimer: This product is meant to serve as a halal alternative to nail polish. It is not nail polish. It is a natural stain that fades over the course of a week. Please thoroughly read through the description before purchasing. If you are looking for a long lasting stain, please consider this product may not be for you. 

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