What Is Jagua

What Is Jagua?

Jagua gel comes from the Genipa Americana fruit grown in Central & South America. It has been harvested and used for centuries for body art and tribal markings within local communities in Central and South America. Jagua juice is extracted from the fruit, and is applied to the skin as a paste, in the same way that henna is. It stains a dark blue - black color when applied, and lasts for approximately 1-2 weeks. 
Jagua is NOT black henna.
Although jagua and henna have similar properties, jagua is not henna at all. It is more of a gel, while henna is a paste. Jagua is free from any dyes, preservatives, or toxic chemicals (including PPD), making it far superior to the very dangerous “black henna”. Jagua is a far safer alternative to "instant henna", "black henna", or any other imitation henna that is not safe for the skin.