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Embrace the Beauty of Henna Art at Amarya Henna

We are a US-based small business that caters to henna artists and lovers of henna across the nation. We offer the finest natural henna, jagua, and artistic supplies to reveal your creative brilliance! We manage all operations in house, from formulation and curation of our products, to packaging of our items. Whether you are a beginner henna enthusiast, or a professional artist with years of experience, rest assured Amarya Henna will meet your needs! 
 We proudly source our henna directly from Rajasthan, India. For generations Indian farmers have grown and harvested henna crops for hair, skin, and fabric dyeing. They are proven experts in the field, and we are happy to support and sustain their farms and the local communities, while also receiving the best quality henna in the market. Our henna is grown, harvested, milled and sifted into a fine powder with no additives, fillers, or preservatives. Just 100% pure goodness. 
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We are proudly Black, Muslim, and Female Owned.